Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ninkasi IPA

Just tried this beer for the first time tonight. It's from a brewery up in Oregon, so I figured it would be good - at least that's what Oregon people always tell me. They take great pride in their beer. I was at BevMo today picking myself a father's day treat. I was deciding between this and my usual selection of fine Stone beers. I went with the new Oregon beer. Now, I'm usually not one to put down a brewery, but this was not my favorite. It did not have the hoppy flavor I have come to expect in an IPA. Tasted a bit like a full bodied Budweiser. I won't be buying this one again. Sorry Oregon!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sorry for the delay

Sorry for the lack of posts. Been trying some  new brews to bring to you guys lately. My local brewery, Cismontane (check out my previous post about them) just released their double IPA. I could tell you about it, but let me just say this: 11.5% abv, 140 IBUs. Ouch and yummy all at the same time. I'm sure I'll feel this one in the morning, but it is all worth it. What a great beer, and what a great brewery!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Now, that's a protest I can get behind

Believe it or not, back in the day our favorite drink was banned. In fact, all alcohol sales were banned. All this did was create a huge black market and drive organized crime for a few years until the powers that be decided to end prohibition. A few good things did come from prohibition, however. One of them is this photo.  Taken in Newark, New Jersey in 1931, these good gentlemen are campaigning for the right to do what people have done for centuries - drink beer. Fortunately, their cause was heard, and we can now enjoy a nice, cold beverage on a warm summer day. Cheers, friends!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bear Republic Racer 5

Bear Republic says that in this beer, "there is a trophy in every glass." I can't disagree. This is a tremendous IPA. With 75+ IBUs, it is hoppy and full of flavor. Most BevMo stores in California carry it, but I can't speak for their stores nationwide. I do know, however, that the brewery will ship direct to homes within California. This is a great IPA. My local bar has it on tap occasionally, and it is a treat when they do. If you are in CA, you owe it to yourself to try it out!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dogfish Head

So far, this blog has been dedicated to west coast beers. Fortunately, I am a equal opportunity beer drinker. This beer from Delaware is one of the finest. I don't know where they get their name (Dogfish Head), but their IPAs are off the hook (as the kids say). I've had their 90 minute on tap a few times, and I've never been disappointed. If you ever see it, don't ask for something else. You will be glad you asked for it!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shark Attack!

At the brew and food festival this weekend, I had the opportunity to try Shark Attack by Port Brewing. According to their website, this is an imperial red ale. It was hoppy like an IPA, but had some caramel flavor as well. Port Brewery is pretty small, so it's probably hard to find outside of Southern California, but if you ever do make it out this way, be sure to try it out. In fact, try it at the Pizza Port, home of the brewery. Their pizza is incredible, and they host a wide variety of beers on tap - their own and other local brews. It's a great weekend place to eat!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shaq redoux

As you all probably know from my previous posts, I love Shaq. Not only is he a fantastic player, but he is a funny dude as well. He never took himself too seriously, and always made time for the simple fans like me. Now, to be fair, I don't hate Vlade. He was a good Laker. He played hard and got he most out of his potential. And, on top of that, he showed that he was a hell of a guy in ESPN's 30 for 30 about him and Drazen Petrovic. All that being said, here's why Shaq rules:

If you need a beer connection, here goes: I was probably drinking beer when the game that preceded this video took place. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stone Craft Beer and Food Festival

Holy crap, was this a good time. $55 for all you can eat and all you can drink. And drink and eat we did. They had a ton of great beers from local breweries in San Diego. The Green Flash West Coast IPA was there, and did not disappoint - as it never does. I did discover a new beer, however. Shark Attack by Port Brewing in San Marcos was a great find. I'll do a full review of it soon, but suffice it to say that we visited the find gentleman pouring the Shark Attack multiple times. Thanks Stone! P.S. - the photo above is the garden at the brewery where the event was. Not a bad place, if you ask me!

Pliny the Younger

Pliny the Younger was Pliny the Elder's nephew, in the case of this beer, the "Younger" is a triple IPA. Pliny the Younger is hopped three times more than our standard IPA, and is dry hopped four different times. 

Once again, the above is stolen from Russian River's webiste. The younger is a brew that is difficult to find. In fact, I've only had it once, but what a beer it was. One of the finest IPAs that I have had the pleasure of drinking. Very hoppy and full. If you can find it anywhere be sure to order one. It's usually found in the spring, as it is a seasonal brew.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pliny the Elder

Pliny the Elder was a Roman naturalist, scholar, historian, traveler, officer, and writer. Although not considered his most important work, Pliny and his contemporaries created the botanical name for hops, "Lupus salictarius", meaning wolf among scrubs." Hops at that time grew wild among willows, much like a wolf in the forest. Later the current botanical name, Humulus lupulus, was adopted. Pliny died in 79 AD while observing the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. He was immortalized by his nephew, Pliny the Younger, who continued his uncle's legacy by documenting much of what he observed during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

I stole the previous copy from Russian River's website. Their Pliny the Elder beer is a true treat. Any place that you find it on tap, order a pint of it. You won't be disappointed. It is a great beer that you will want time and time again. It is a tough find, as Russian River is a small brewery, but they brew a big beer!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


If you are anywhere near Orange County, CA, be sure to check out this place. Their Coulter IPA is one of the best I have tasted, and the two guys that run the place are great. It's a tiny brewery in south OC, but they produce some great beers. They're barely a year old, but clearly are great brewers. If you are in the OC any time, be sure to stop by their tasting room. They are open Thursday through Sunday. Buy one of their aforementioned growlers, and you won't be disappointed. Here's to hoping they make it!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dream job

Sure, I know it's probably not his full time job, but still. Anyone that gets to write about beer and taste it to determine what is the best has a great lot in life. Even if the author didn't taste all the beers, I'm sure he found a way to sample the highest rated. The different varieties and flavors must have been like a slice of heave above. Check out which beers were highest rated. See if your favorite was on the list!


For those of you living near a brewer, you should invest in a growler! These are a great way to enjoy beer from the tap even when you can't be at the brewery. Be warned, though, once you open them, drink them quickly as the beer will go flat. Enjoy!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Artisan Brew and Craft Beer Festival

Can't wait for Sunday! Stone is having an Artisan Brew and Craft Beer festival with big name chefs from San Diego. They'll have eight courses of food, paired with eight craft beers from local breweries, including my favorite: Green Flash. If any of you are anywhere near San Diego this weekend, I highly recommend spending the $55 for this event. It will be well worth it... oh, and save a few bucks for cab fare. You probably won't be driving home!

Roadmap of Life

Found this on a friend's blog. I thought it belonged here as well. If you are looking for the meaning of life, you may find it by following this road map here. Personally, I usually take the "Ales" exit, but if it's closed for construction, taking a detour through LagerLand never hurt either. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shaq Clearly Enjoys a Beer Every Now and Then

I know this post is not directly about beer, but I had to comment on Shaq - one of the greatest players of his generation. First off, I loved the guy. He's a great interview, and took my beloved Lakers to three titles. And, just as importantly, clearly loves beer. How else would a guy go from the top photo to the bottom one in the span of 18 years, while all the time playing a professional sport? He has to indulge in the hoppy goodness on a regular basis. So, Shaq - here's a glass of IPA raised to you. Thanks for the years of fun and rings!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Firestone DBA

Firestone Double Barrel Ale is a bit more mild that the previous beers I have talked about. It's not nearly as hoppy, but still has a great flavor. If you're looking for an ale, but don't want something as bitter and with the high IBUs of Ruination or some of the other IPAs, this is the beer for you. Worth a taste for sure, and a good "starter beer" into the world of ales. Unfortunately, for me, mine is almost empty now.