Friday, June 3, 2011

Artisan Brew and Craft Beer Festival

Can't wait for Sunday! Stone is having an Artisan Brew and Craft Beer festival with big name chefs from San Diego. They'll have eight courses of food, paired with eight craft beers from local breweries, including my favorite: Green Flash. If any of you are anywhere near San Diego this weekend, I highly recommend spending the $55 for this event. It will be well worth it... oh, and save a few bucks for cab fare. You probably won't be driving home!


  1. I hope to go to a beer festival one day, it sounds like it would be a awesome experience! Hope you have fun on Sunday man! Cheers

  2. Woohoo! Hope we don't get too tipsy of a post sunday night!

  3. now that is something i would attent right away ^^ beeeeerrr ftw :)